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Welcome to Capture Imagination Studio, Jason Steadman's professional mixing/songwriting studio.  You can listen to my own music using the links below to Apple Music and Spotify. You can also follow me on Instagram (preferred) or Facebook.

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Music Equipment

In April 2022, I opened Capture Imagination Studio to offer professional audio mixing, mastering, coaching, and songwriting services to other musicians. My main focus is on mixing and mix coaching, but I do offer some other services too. I specialize in mixing audio for independent musicians recorded in home/project studios (though I am happy to mix any project). I mix a number of genres, but my specialties are Pop/Rock, Rock, Pop, Metal,  and Acoustic/Folk. 

Check out my profiles on SoundBetter and Fiverr for more information and to hire me for services.


I now offer professional mixing services for artists who want to get their recordings to match that professional "radio-ready" sound of modern music.

Average cost $200 per song for full service mixing. Bulk discounts available.


I offer full songwriting gift services, which involves writing and recording complete song as a gift for your loved one or other special occasion.

Cost varies, please see my Fiverr gig for more info

I can also write lyrics for your tracks, or help you with your own lyrics. Click below to see a sample of lyrics I have written.

Average cost $70 per song.

Top lining

Top-lining is an industry term for professional melody writers. Since childhood, I have always had a natural ear for catchy melodies, across many genres. If you have a backing track but are struggling to write a strong melody for it, consider hiring me to topline your track. This service usually also includes lyrics or lyrical adaptations, if you already have lyrics.

Average cost $70 per song

mix coaching

I offer personalized mix coaching, catered to your songs. I can offer feedback on mixes you've done yourself. Alternatively, if you hire me to mix your songs, I can also add screen recordings of my process, reviewing my mix decision along the way for your to learn mixing yourself.

Average price $35 per song;

$20 to add screen recording with full service mixing

vocal services

As a professional vocalist, I also offer professionally recorded lead and/or background vocals for your song. If you're looking for an experienced, efficient male vocalist for your song, please consider me. 

Average cost $50 per song

Coming Soon

Click the button above to hire me on

You can also hire me on Fiverr

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Recording Studio


When hiring a mix engineer or music producer, you may want to know what kind of equipment I use. Though I won't have space to list everything, below I'm including some of the most important stuff.

[image at left is a stock image, and is not my actual studio]

About Me

My music background

I've been doing music for 20 years. My original training and focus was as a vocalist and songwriter. I began performing and writing at 16 for church youth group (a steady, twice-weekly gig), and I studied classical vocal technique through private and group lessons. I taught myself piano and guitar to accompany my singing. I still love singing more than anything else in music, which is why I'm offering vocal services as part of my studio (see above).

I (badly) recorded my first song on a Fostex MR-8 8-track Digital Multitracker and the microphone that came with it. It was a cover of an old Lifehouse song, Storm. I recorded my first album of original songs when I was 17.

In college I performed local shows, continued writing, and recorded a second album at 19. Around the time I graduated college, I was offered an opportunity to audition for a record label, but I turned that down as I had already accepted a position in the country's top ranked graduate school (for Psy.D.) in clinical psychology, which seemed like too big a thing to give up just for an audition. I still think that was the right choice.

Since then, I've recorded 3 more albums, always getting better at the process each time. If you find some of my old recordings/mixes on the internet, please don't consider those to be accurate representations of my current skills. Like any mix engineer, I had to practice and grow a lot to get to my current stage, and my old stuff shows just how far someone can go with experience and practice. The mixes I post on this website are more representative of my current style and skill set, as is my most recent work on my album, Embers and Dawn. 

I love working with other artists as a mix engineer and/or music producer. I am focusing my energies right now on working with independent artists who have been able to record their own music, but who need or want a second set of trained ears to bring the project to the next level and make it "radio ready." Whether your goal is to submit a demo to record labels or to self-publish, I am here to help your music meet modern standards. I also love teaching/coaching, and so one thing that is unique about my studio is the collaborative feedback I offer along the way to teach you how to produce and mix your own tracks to industry professional standards. 

If you want to get to know more about me, please reach out and we can discuss your project and what I can do to help! I look forward to working with you.

Musician Jason Steadman in a fedora and leather jacket


Tel. 423-414-4528

Chattanooga, TN


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