This page contains information for Capture Imagination Studio, my professional mixing/songwriting studio.  You can listen to my own music using the links below to Apple Music and Spotify. You can also follow me on Instagram (preferred) or Facebook.

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Music Equipment

In April 2022, I opened Capture Imagination Studio to offer professional audio mixing, mastering, coaching, and songwriting services to other musicians. My main focus is on mixing and mix coaching, but I do offer some other services too. I specialize in mixing audio for independent musicians recorded in home/project studios (though I am happy to mix any project). I mix a number of genres, but my specialties are Pop/Rock, Rock, Pop, Metal,  and Acoustic/Folk. 

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I now offer professional mixing services for artists who want to get their recordings to match that professional "radio-ready" sound of modern music.

Average cost $200, per song for full service mixing. Bulk discounts available.


I can also write lyrics for your tracks, or help you with your own lyrics. Click below to see a sample of lyrics I have written.

Average cost $70 per song.

Top lining

Top-lining is an industry term for professional melody writers. Since childhood, I have always had a natural ear for catchy melodies, across many genres. If you have a backing track but are struggling to write a strong melody for it, consider hiring me to topline your track. This service usually also includes lyrics or lyrical adaptations, if you already have lyrics.

Average cost, $70 per song

mix coaching

I offer personalized mix coaching, catered to your songs. I can offer feedback on mixes you've done yourself. Alternatively, if you hire me to mix your songs, I can also add screen recordings of my process, reviewing my mix decision along the way for your to learn mixing yourself.

Average price, $35 per song;

$20 to add screen recording with full service mixing

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If you would like to pay me directly for my services here on my website, you may do so below. However, please do not use this form without first contacting me to establish a contract and invoice for the service. This helps protect you and ensures that all parties are in agreement about the terms of service