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Jason's Lyrics Samples

To the right, you will find several samples of lyrics written by me. This should give you a good feel for my writing style. If you want to hire me to write lyrics for your tracks, or to help with your own lyrics, please contact me at


Once upon a time, you called

and I was galled

You found me at the bottom

A mystery, you came to me

You held me in my sorrow

I don't know how but your caress

Has left me dispossessed

I'm sprawled out, burdens manifest

and I'm scared for you to know what

Secrets I hide. Don't make me decide

'Cause I can't lie. I have tried

and I hate this disguise

So take me as I am - unrefined

I must confess I'm a mess

'Cause I've repressed so much that I can't swallow

But your soul's filled this black heart whole

And I've lost all self control

I'm opened up, now read my scroll

'Cause I'm ready for you to know what

Secrets I hide. You don't have to decide

'Cause I won't lie. I have tried

And I hate this disguise

I'll give you all I am - unrefined

I'll tell you the secrets I hide. I won't make you decide

No I won't lie. I have tried

I won't wear my disguise.

I'll give you all I am - unrefined.

Image by Paul-Alain Hunt

To Keep the Future Aglow

It's time we look in the mirror

And try to see ourselves from afar

It's bizarre

How we all think we're the brightest star

And that's freedom's scar

It's fooled us to a lonely heart

Separate, not connected, and we're only left rejected

We can be better than alone

You know

And it's not just who you are

You know

Together we can fix this show

I know

It's not that easy to grow

It's slow

But it's the way to keep the future aglow

I think it's safe to say, we may not want to change

But it's time to face our judgment day

And if we rearrange. If we turn the page

and let compassion come and take the stage

It's time to take perspective; we can only be effective

if we're not left here infected


Our world won't be protected

Until we're all invested

It must be our objective

To just be more connected


Woman Alone in Forest

Secret Lullaby

Here I am, wrapped in the sound of your microphone

Singing to me the sweetest tones

Falling asleep again alone

I could be your stepping stone

The way to ignite your heart again

Happiness struck with a pen

A happiness for now and then

A dream where I'm your only man

The lyrics to your favorite song

I hope and pray you'll sing along

Cause in your heartbeat I belong, oh

I'm here lost in that moment I saw you there

It's like a dream I can see you clear

You wore a flower in your hair, baby

I'm going crazy

I'm losing sleep from your beauty

The light in your eyes it is haunting me

I can't forget you. I need you. You're my secret lullaby

I picture us in a happy home

Our children by the cornerstone

Watching how they all have grown

and playing with a xylophone

And as our dreams are coming true

It feels a bit like deja vu

I'm falling more in love with you


Image by Anthony Tran
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